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Stonham is England’s largest provider of housing and support for vulnerable and socially excluded people. They deliver services to over 20,000 clients each year and work within Partnerships in almost every borough and county in England, in three main ways:

Directly managed services

These are residential services, where Stonham’s clients live and receive support from their staff. They currently run 520 directly managed services, working with clients of all types and needs. Some of these services are staffed 24 hours per day because the clients’ needs require round the clock support, while other services are staffed less intensively – it depends on the needs of each service’s clients.

Floating support: working with people in their own homes

Sometimes it isn’t practical or desirable for someone to move into a Stonham service. So, Stonham works with over 9,000 people each year who are tenants of other housing associations or their local council, in a flexible “floating support” and “outreach” services. The people in these services don’t have as high support needs as those in residential services, but they still need some support – usually to help them maintain their tenancy and carry on living in their own home.

Agency-managed services

Stonham also has one of the largest agency sections in the supported housing sector. There are around 1,200 people living in 330 services run by managing agents, nationwide.